About CFDM

Christian Formation and Direction Ministries [CFDM] was initially the ongoing ministry of Friends of the Bridegroom Ministries, founded in 1988 by Catherine Gregg and incorporated in California in 1996 as a non-profit organization to support her personal teaching and speaking ministry of prayer, intercession, and spiritual formation.  In the year 2000, Catherine’s husband Douglas Gregg, a Presbyterian pastor, professor, and author, joined her in the work that became Christian Formation & Direction Ministries, with a renewed vision for the training and equipping of spiritual directors in the Western United States.  Beginning in 2018, a transition in leadership of CFDM will have been accomplished. Currently there are five strong regional networks, or affiliates, of CFDM: CFDM Arizona (this site), CFDM Central California, CFDM Los Angeles, CFDM Nevada, and CFDM Northwest, which have become entirely independent, with their own nonprofit or not-for-profit status.

CFDM Arizona began with Cohort 1 in 2011. Since that time, CFDM Arizona has graduated 4 Cohorts and are about to graduate students from Cohort 5; we are currently taking applications for Cohort 6, which begins in October of 2020 (see Two Year Certificate in Spiritual Direction). We have offered two recent workshops: an all-day workshop on Celtic Spirituality and a weekend workshop on A Time for Discernment: How Does God Speak to Us?  All offerings are open to the community.  In 2019 CFDM Arizona coordinated a pilgrimage to Iona and Lindisfarne, which included time in Edinburgh.

CFDM Arizona is a growing ministry, always seeking God’s direction and guidance. Our focus remains on training spiritual directors, providing on-going supervision for spiritual directors and creating programs that enhance spiritual growth.  If you are interested in being on our mailing list to read about programs and workshops in the coming year,  email Joyce Vidal-Thornburg at jvidal460@gmail.com.